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RSPDMV Mopar Stage 2 

Our Most Aggressive package for the ultimate Hellcat Performance

1750HP  @ Flywheel with 3.8 Whippple

1500HP @Flywheel with 3.0 Whipple (Kong Ported)

Forged Engine 

Built Tranmission ( sipple)

Fuel System capable of this power level 

Upgraded Supercharger ( two options)

Upgraded Driveline Components

Reach out for anymore question!

Cost starts @ $80k

This Package includes everything needed to make the Hellcat powered vehicle perform day in and day out at this power level. 

Reach Out Today and Unleash the Beast

Live the dream of having the fastest or one of the fastest Vehicles on the planet!

Stage 2 Performance

Our stage 2 Has powered a Trackhawk to a 1/4 mile time of 

3.8 Whipple Powered

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